Bordalo II – Squirrel

Portuguese artist Bordalo II recently wrapped up a new street installation in Estonia entitled “Squirrel”. The piece fittingly features a giant squirrel was created out recycled materials and installed on a wall in Tallin for the Street Art Jam Festival.


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Bordalo II – Weasel

One of our favourite street artists Bordalo II recently made his way out to Germany where he crushed a new mural for the Ms Artville Festival. Using his signature installation style, he created a brilliant new animal based mural entitled “Weasel” on the streets of Hamburg.


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Bordalo ii – New Installation in Lisbon

Street installation artist Bordalo ii recently completed a new installation in Lisbon. The Portuguese artist did what he does best by collecting and recycling materials to create a large scale animal. This time around he chose a pig and decided to complete for the Muro festival in in the Bairro Padre Cruz area of Lisbon.


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Bordalo ii – Bunny

The amazing Bordalo ii is back with a new recycled piece entitled “Bunny.” The Portuguese artist often titles his art “Trash Art” though it’s much more than that. It incorporates recycled materials, sculpture, painting and laying it all on a massive wall.


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Bordalo II – Uma Cabra

Street artist Bordalo II recently completed another installation using recycled materials in Rome, Italy. The Portuguese artist worked away near Station Termini on a piece entitled “Uma Cabra” which was organized by the Forgotten Project.


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Bordalo ii – Recycled Mural at Life Is Beautiful

One of our personal favourite artists Bordalo ii was recently in Las Vegas for the Life Is Beautiful festival thrown by Just Kids in Las Vegas. In his signature way of working, Bordalo used recycled materials found from all around the city and created a giant mural consisting of 4 dogs with a vibrant turquoise background in the background.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.21.09 AM

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Bordalo ii – Trash Cat

Bordalo ii has recently been on an insane tear doing his brilliant recycled sculpture murals. He has recently come out with his latest creation in Portugal entitled “Trash Cat” featuring, well, just that. An “adorable” cat that’s larger than life and created out of various discarded and recycled materials.

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