Ian Kirkpatrick – Various Sculptures

Ian Kirkpatrick is a Canadian contemporary artist and graphic designer currently based at East Street Studios in Leeds, UK. Kirkpatrick has been exhibiting my work across the UK and internationally, with shows in Montreal, New Orleans, London, Berlin, Rotterdam, New York and Chicago. Here’s a further statement by the artist about his work:

“My work explores the sculptural and communicative potential of commercial packaging design. I’m interested in the ways that everyday disposable products can be used to express society’s myths, fears and obsessions—recalling the ritualistic function of ancient decorative vessels such as Greek vases and Egyptian sarcophagi. My sculptures collapse and travel in their own plinths, and are easily assembled into ‘instant’ exhibitions that reflect the parallel aesthetics of museums, galleries and department stores.”


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Biancoshock – Web 0.0

Italian street intervention artist Biancoshock recently completed a new project in Southern Italy entitled “Web 0.0” The project which was cerated for CVTA’ Festival in the city of Civitacampomarano, which is a tiny village with merely 400 habitants, most of which are elderly.

The purpose of the project is to bring the internet to a non web based community as most of the town does have have internet capabilities. Biancoshock implemented a ton of branding on existing older technologies to create an environment of a real life internet so to speak.

Take a look at the photos and video after the jump and you’ll understand more what the project is about.


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J T Merry – Embroidered Logos

JT Merry is a mulidisciplinary artist who has worked for many years with Bjork, creating the costumes for her stage performances and music. As part of his new series of embroidery works, Merry decided to take the vision of athletic wear in a new direction by sewing floral patterns to their logos.

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Seb Lester – Brand Logos Calligraphy

Calligraphy artist Seb Lester is one of the best hand drawn typographers in the game. He recently release a new video (after a number of sneak peaks on his Instagram), of him perfectly recreating famous brand logos using only his eyes, paper and markers. Watch the video after the jump!

Screen shot 2015-05-08 at 1.04.19 PM

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Antonio Brasko – Montana Spray Paint

Art director and designer Antonio Brasko has created a new conceptual line of spray paint cans for Montana. Brasko has decided to integrate the branding of luxury and streetwear companies with the notorious street/urban art brand. From Gucci to Dr. Marten’s he’s got a colour for all of the most recognizable companies out there.

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