James M. Joyce – Smiley Faces

Fine artist James M. Joyce creates a ton of amazing work all across the board. The British artist often uses satire and typography in his work, however in a series of painted faces, some which were included in a show last year at Spring Projects, Joyce makes us laugh and rethink the yellow happy smiley face.


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Lucy Williams – Architecture Landscape Collages

British artist Lucy Williams creates incredible collage work of 20th century architecture. The architectural landscapes are realized after hours of meticulously cutting and assembling various materials such as paper and cardboard, which makes the work appear photorealistic.


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Tony South – Apes wit Attitude

British artist Tony South has for years created beautiful realism paintings with an assortment of subject matter. In a recent painting series South depicts some badass animals, gorillas to exact, where they’re living the fast life, smoking cigarettes, riding motorcycles and jamming out next to hot rods.

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Sally Hewett – Embroidery Hoop Body Parts

“My practice centres around ideas of beauty and ugliness and the conventions which determine our definition of each. I am interested in how we see things and how we interpret what we see: does my particular way of representing bodies, using fabrics, stitching and embroidery, affect how the content of the work is seen? To some extent I see my work as an investigation of the divide between craft and art.” –Sally Hewett

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Robin Eley – Hyperrealistic Paintings

<a href="http://www.robineley.com&quot;>Robin Eley was born in 1978 in London, England. In 1981 his family migrated to Australia where he completed his secondary education. In 1997 he moved to the United States where he would attend Westmont College, captaining the basketball and earning a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Fine Art in 2001. His work is held in numerous private art collections around the world and has recently had work acquired publicly by the Ridley Tree Museum of Art in the United States.

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Kendra Haste – Realistic Galvanized Wire Sculptures

Kendra Haste is a contemporary animal sculptor working with the medium of galvanised wire. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 1998, Kendra has established a significant reputation in her field with work included in collections world-wide. She is a member of the Society of Wildlife Artsists (UK) and a signature member of the Sociey of Animal Artists (USA). Public sculptures in the United Kingdom include an elephant at Waterloo Station, London and thirteen works at the Tower of London, commissioned by Historic Royal Palaces in 2010.

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Myneandyours – Street Art & Illustration

“The Myneandyours project revolves around the story of a cloud, and its relationship with the environment that surrounds it. It is an experiment in symbology, inspiring us to question ourselves, and what exists around us. Repetition of any symbol should provoke thought, and inspire a line of questioning. It’s not directly selling anything, and it’s not formally part of any system – it just exists to exist and this existence that I hope inspires you to question it. To question every detail of yourself will help you understand what it is to be human and what this really means.” – Myneandyours Manifesto

Screen shot 2015-01-06 at 12.51.53 PM

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