Fernando Suárez Reguera – Anatomical Metal Sculptures

Fernando Suárez Reguera is a fine artist currently working and living in Madrid, who creates stunning pieces of art using iron, bronze and occasionally resin. The Spanish sculptor strips down both humanoid and animal to their skeletal make up in all different shapes and sizes.


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Joel Cooper – Tessellation

Origami artist Joel Cooper creates paper sculpted masks inspired by bronze and pewter casts. Cooper uses a method of folding called tessellation where an elaborate grid is first folded into a hexagon-shaped piece of paper.

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Julian Hoeber – Head Sculptures

Julian Hoeber’s sculpture work has got the feel and material method that reminds one of the sculptural practice of the past but with a new flavour. The figures almost seem as if they’re heads are shot out with gun or blown up. Unbelievably captivating.

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