Drew Leshko – Relics

Philadelphia based fine artist Drew Leshko creates brilliant sculptures of buildings and landmarks which surround his urban landscape. Produced for his show “Relics” currently on display at at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts (DCCA).

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Camereon – Awesome Places

Camereon is a Wałbrzych based photographer. Camereon composes captivating photographs of deserted and abandoned places. His work plays with perspective, symmetry and a great sense of light. His explorations invite viewers to reflect on the relationship between the time and the space of the location.

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EVOL – Cardboard Creativity

EVOL is a multidisciplinary artist who works in all aspects of the arts. From graffiti to photography his work is innovative and tends to be heavily influenced by the urban landscape. In this particular body of work, EVOL works by beautifully rendering city buildings onto pieces of recycled cardboard.

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