Mear One – Darth Tut

One of our favourite artists MEAR One recently just completed his first piece of 2017 aptly titled “Darth Tut”. The sculpture piece debuted last Saturday at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica. The bust was created out of copper & rhodium, dipped in 24k double gold plating finish and it’s his first sculptural work since 2010.


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Gary Mellon – Various Sculptures

Gary Mellon is a Brooklyn based fine artist who’s body of work are made of wood and hand carved. He says that the sculptures themselves “grow out of little sketchbook drawings” and feature many different aesthetic aspects such as busts, portraiture and nautical elements.


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Alexandra Singer-Bieder x Sofia Bennani – Straw-k’Art

Alexandra Singer-Bieder and Sofia Bennani are the artistic masterminds behind Straw-k’Art. the Straw-k’Art, art pieces using the Straw-k patented fabrication process (plastic drinking straws melted on the surface). 2 years ago we used it to create an ephemeral architectural installation in 2013. Beyond a number of exhibitions, Straw-k won the Young Talent Prize Africa Design Award and our innovative process was finalist of the international TEX FAB Plasticity competition in 2014.

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Julian Hoeber – Head Sculptures

Julian Hoeber’s sculpture work has got the feel and material method that reminds one of the sculptural practice of the past but with a new flavour. The figures almost seem as if they’re heads are shot out with gun or blown up. Unbelievably captivating.

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