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Montreal-based Simon Landry has recently come up with an idea to bring street-art and sightseeing together. With a brand new Kickstarter campaign, Landry is looking to bring his street-art project “Graffmap” to a mobile app. With Graffmap, you can search for nearby art or see what’s new around the world. Share your discoveries and be part of the street art community. Go check out the Graffmap Kickstarter to get the full scoop and throw some money their way to try and bring this thing to fruition.

Recently graffiti artist GLOBE of the GH Crew had a very tragic situation happen in his life. On Sunday June 9th, 2013 he was the victim of unfortunate circumstances when his studio was burnt down due to an electric fire. Thankfully his wife and daughter are safe and unharmed, but the freak accident has left them out of home and affected his ability to earn a living. Please visit the Indiegogo campaign and donate to get the aspiring artist and his family back on their feet.

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As you can tell, we here at BBB love Pow Wow Hawaii and what it’s doing for the street/graffiti art scene not only in Hawaii, but around the world. The vision they have is simple and not unlike the one we have here. Try and make our passion accessible to as many people as possible. Pow Wow Hawaii is asking for your time and consideration to donate to their Kickstarter Campaign. It’s not only a gracious thing to donate but it will be valuable to all art lovers in so many ways. Watch the video about their campaign HERE and after the jump we’ll post a number of videos from previous documentations of Pow Wow.

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Spraying Bricks have recently launched a free to access online series exploring street art and street art culture featuring established artist such as Smug and Ben Eine as well among many others. It’s already receiving critical acclaim throughout the internet, however, to continue the series I have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for the project. We here at BBB are sure you guys love street-art and if you can in any way help them out or spread the word, we’re sure SB would be unbelievably grateful. MORE ON THE CAMPAIGN HERE.


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