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Joshua Roman is a California Based Fine artist and illustrator. His distinct colorful works have been shown in galleries around the country. His use of vibrant rainbow lines and shapes as well as playful creatures often contrast the eerie and sometimes sensual subject matter of his pieces. His portraits are unique and original while still capturing the essence of the subject.

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Mocre is a multidisciplinary artist from Mexico. His latest work inspired by the radioactive animals that live in Chernobyl (such as: wolves, deers, bisons, horses, beavers, birds, wild boars among others), represents union of the ambient and wildlife, like a power fusion facing a human error.

%22Transportation%22 Acrylic on wood b

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James Bulloughis an American born artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. His paintings, and huge monumentally scaled site-specific murals, are phenomenal combinations of realist painting technique and graphic punctuation. Inspired by gritty urban graffiti as a young artist growing up in Washington, DC, Bullough harnessed its energy in his work, and perfected a realistic oil painting technique from his study of the Old Masters.

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