Mark Liam Smith – A Day At The Met

Our friend Mark Liam Smith recently unveiled a beautiful new painting series entitled “A Day At The Met”. The new body of work features a world where those who attend The Met have a much different way of interacting with the art. This body of work also landed Smith an invitation to show at a group exhibition at Montreal’s Galerie Youn a few weeks ago, where he sold out and was invited to sign with them.


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Alpay Efe – Various Paintings

Alpay Efe is an Oberhausen, Germany and currently lives and works in Germany. Efe creates mind blowing photorealistic paintings of still life, portraits and figure and has exhibited extensively in both group and solo shows in Germany, Korea and North America.


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Jonny Niesche – Various Paintings

Jonny Niesche is an Australian born artist currently living and working in Sydney, Australia. Niesche creates breath taking abstract painting works that play with shapes and sizes and beautifully blend vibrant colours that stimulate the viewer.


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Jeff Soto – “The Sotofish Society” @ Jonathan Levine Gallery

Jonathan LeVine Gallery is pleased to present The Sotofish Society, a series of new works by California based artist Jeff Soto in what will be his fifth solo exhibition at the gallery. More information and images after the jump.


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Alejandro Carpintero – Various Paintings

Alejandro Carpintero is a Spanish artist who creates incredible texturized painting works. The Madrid based painter not only uses an immense amount of paint to create thick painterly brush strokes, but also uses a hyperrealistic method to beautiful juxtapose the two techniques.

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Clark Goolsby – Various Paintings

Clark Goolsby is a California born fine artist who received his BFA from the University of California, San Diego in 2002 and has been exhibiting extensively ever since. The now Brooklyn based painter creates brilliant abstract painting and illustration works that bright, bold and vibrant.

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Mark Liam Smith – Imagined Narratives

Mark Liam Smith developed an interest in art at an early age and spent much of his childhood drawing obsessively. After completing three bachelor degrees—Fine Arts (Painting), Science (Physiology), and Arts (Linguistics)—at the University of Saskatchewan, he moved to Paris to continue studying art in some of the world’s greatest museums. After some time, he returned to Canada to pursue a Ph.D. in Linguistics at McGill University. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Ottawa, where he worked on behalf of the Canadian Department of Defence for several years before returning to his first love: painting.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.53.42 AM

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