Scott Fuller x Makerhaus – Circle of Influence

Circles of Influence – Mural at Makerhaus Seattle 2013. Art by Scott Fuller. The Circles of Influence mural was painted at Makerhaus, a membership based creative workshop designed to empower makers of all sorts. When Makerhaus approached me to do a painting in there common space my initial thought was to highlight working hands. The idea evolved from the individual working hands to highlighting the community that comes from working in a collaborative environment. Video after the jump!



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Josh Ln – Iconic Vehicles

We don’t think anyone dislikes when art evokes nostalgia and memories from their childhood. Josh Ln‘s iconic vehicle series does exactly that. A set of illustrations of our favourite vehicles from comic books, cartoons or movies that we all look back on with nothing but pleasure.

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Jason Freeny – Anatomical Characters

These sculptures by Jason Freeny blow our minds. There’s something so awesome when you see everyday icons altered in such a clever and witty way. Not only does it make you giggle, but it actually makes you think a little. Are they really like that?

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