Edward Cabral – Pumpkin Carvings

In celebration of Hallows Eve approaching extremely quickly, we thought it would be a shame not to post these brilliant pumpkin carving by Sculpture artist Edward Cabral. From The Beatles to Blade Runner, Cabral seamlessly crafts the front of pumpkins to look like anything he desires.


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Salavat Fidai – Intricate Pencil Carvings

Fine artist Salavat Fidel creates unbelievable artwork by carving miniature sculptures into the tips of graphite pencils by using an X-ACTO blade. The Russia based artist meticulously crafts characters from Bart Simpson to Astronauts on the moon.

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Gabriel Schama – Intricate 3D Laser-Cut Carvings

Gabriel Schama is an artist, living and working in Oakland, CA and owns a big laser cutter. Schama uses it to make a lot of work hand-cutting paper, but now is now mostly focused on using creating work out of plywood, acrylics and leather.

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Alasdair Thompson – For Display Only

The incredible sculptor Alasdair Thompson sent us a serires of images of a marble sculpture of a wedding dress that he carved in the summer of 2014 at the Carving Studio & Sculpture Centre in West Rutland, VT. Thompson completed this work in association with Pnina Tornai, the designer from whose gown design he worked, and ABC Stone of Brooklyn, New York, NY who sponsored the project. The sculpture is titled “For Display Only.”

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Yoshitoshi Kanemaki – Sensational Sculptures

We’ve posted up the documentation process for a sculpture piece by Yoshitoshi Kanemaki before (HERE), but we just stumbled across a number of new pieces unseen by us and we figured it was a must post. Absolutely mesmerizing what the human brain and body can create.

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Matt Simmonds – Marble Carvings

Matthew Simmonds graduated from university with a degree in history of art in 1984, specialising in the art and architecture of the medieval period. In 1991 he trained as an architectural stone carver, and in this capacity he participated in the restoration of several important historic monuments in England, most particularly Westminster Abbey and Ely Cathedral. In 1996 he transferred to Italy, where he specialised in the carving of fine classical sculpture in marble.

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