Case Maclaim – New Mural in Jacksonville, FL

Germany artist Case Maclaim recently made his way out to Florida where he painted a killer new piece for the Art (Re)Public Project. Painted on the streets of Jacksonville, with a handful of other artists, Maclaim painted a massive new piece which incorporated aspects from local businesses in the area.


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Does x Case Maclaim – Mural Work in Ostendstraße Metro Station

This summer Case Maclaim and Does teamed up to create a 6.600 m² painting in Frankfurt. Supported by a team of carefully selected assistants, they spent six weeks underground to paint the complete inside of Ostendstraße metro station. More info, images and videos after the jump!


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Case Maclaim – We Shall Overcome

The one and only Case Maclaim recently got busy out in New York City on a new mural entitled “We Shall Overcome.” The piece features Maclaim’s signature hands and arms perfectly rendered and intertwining amongst one another.


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Alexis Diaz x Case Maclaim – Open Mind

Previous BBB interviewee Alexis Diaz recently teamed up with Case Maclaim for a mural entitled “Open Mind.” Put together by the amazing team over at Urban Nation, the duo crushed this intricate mural for the Berlin Lollapalooza.

AlexisDiaz_CaseMaclaim_Lollapalooza_Berlin_Urban Nation_2015_03_WEB

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Case Maclaim x Digital Does – Mural in Hague, Netherlands

Graffiti artist Digital Does recently teamed up with hyperrealist street artist Case Maclaim to paint a breath taking new mural in the Netherlands. There for the ILH Festival the duo brought out their A-game for this bold piece on the streets of Hague.

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