David Zinn – Chalk Street Art Illusions

For over a decade, artist and illustrator David Zinn has created amazing work in the streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Zinn uses chalk, charcoal and his surroundings to create unique trompe l’oeil illusions.

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Dangerdust – Chalkboard Quote Art

Two anonymous artists known only as “Dangerdust” have been creating brilliant chalkboard art at the Columbus College of Art. As far as we know, the students sneak into a room after hours and create beautiful works of art that consist of motivational quotes all done out of chalk (and we’re going to assume to no extra credit).

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Remote AMPM – A Pioneer of 1980’s Boston Graffiti Style

Presented by Handselecta and Chalk Ink, REMOTE AMPM was an inspiration and pioneer of the early Boston graffiti scene. Here we have a video of the man showing us how handstyles are done.

Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 1.23.05 PM


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Chris Carlson – Tetris Stop-Motion Chalk Animation

This is one of the most incredible things we’ve seen in forever (we know we say that a lot). But damn, look at this. Chris Carlson, a Denver-based artist, creates a Tetris stop-motion animation illusion video out of chalk! Video after the jump.

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