Whoa! – Various Murals

Whoa! is a multidisciplinary artist rooted in graffiti who creates awesome illustration based drawing and mural work that feature a very imaginative and graphic style.


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Rich McCor – Paperboyo

Rich McCor is a photographer who travels the world creating brilliant images of landmarks adding his own twist by using cutout paper characters. From turning the Arc de Triomphe into a LEGO man and the Little Mermaid statue to a selfie taker, McCor’s work effortlessly intertwines humour and photograph beauty.


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Léonard Combier – Passport Illustrations

Artist Léonard Combier has been around the world and back and this has led him to create an amazing series of illustration images on his worldwide traveling documentation – his passport. Using a pen to draw whimsical, fun and detailed characters which over every inch of the pages of the booklet. Maybe a lot of them got done while he was in the air?

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Dave Setrakian – Mangled

Toronto based artist Dave Setrakian creates brilliant works of art mainly in the illustration realm. However, his series entitled “Mangled” contains sculptural works of amazing looking characters made from various materials.

Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 11.07.06 PM


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Juliana Chuan – Mosaic 8 Bits

Juliana Chuan is a graphic designer and artist based in Florianopolis, Brazil. Chuan creates a lot of fantastic work but in her recent project “Mosaic 8 Bits” she took a page out of French street artist Invader’s book and created 8 Bit mosaic tiles left for the streets.

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