Wilson Hennessy – China Bang! x Triangles

Wilson Hennessy is a photographer who’s got a lot of insanely great work. These two new series he sent over are “China Bang!” Which are figurines that were exploded and captured using high speed photography. The second, “Triangles” is a play with light and shadows in organising a few items of stationary neatly. which is inspired by the sentimental erasers and pencils which i have used since childhood and still use now.



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Hong Sungchul

Hong SungChul‘s work is super-funky. The works consists of prints on elsatic string, more description from the artist: “Hong’s current body of work revives his string concept – a visual representation of what ties humans together from the earliest stage of life – the umbilical chord. “

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Mountain & City Sales Office, China

“Taking inspiration from the surrounding mountain range in Nanshan, the newly designed Chongqing Mountain & City Sales Office has come to life. The interior architecture of the office, designed by One Plus Partnership, has its valleys and its peaks.” -KNSTRCT

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