Inti CL – New Mural in Tai Ping, China

Chilean muralist INTI CL just wrapped up his new mural entitled “RANDOM” for the project Back to School China in Tai Ping, Jishou, Hunan Province, CHINA. Here’s what the artist says about the work:

“Since the first astronomy records 4000 years ago in China, until today with modern mathematics, we are observing the universe attempting to decipher the cosmic “order” that rules us, convinced of the existence of a deterministic universe where certain laws or gods make things happen in a predictable and predetermined way. While the laws of physics work in our daily life, the more we learn about the universe, the more obvious it is that there is little we know about the fundamental pillars of our reality and that there will always be a limit to our knowledge. This leaves us in a universe governed by randomness and entropy, where mathematics is only a limited set of tools to help us understand an unlimited universe.”


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Warren King – Life-sized Cardboard Sculptures

Warren King is an American born artist currently living and working in Stockholm. After a trip to a village in China where much of his ancestors lived, King took on a task of bigger and more ambitious work. Using merely cardboard and glue, King creates brilliant life-sized sculptures of the villagers from his family town.

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Andrew Hem – New Mural in Huanggang, China

Multidisciplinary artist Andrew Hem recently made his way out to China where he painted a brilliant new mural. Invited by the Back to School project which is curated by Seth Globepainter, the American artist created a massive new piece featuring figures done in his signature style on the streets of Huanggang.

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Millo – Childhood Dream

Street artist Millo recently made his way out to Shanghai to paint a massive new wall entitled “Childhood Dreams.” The Italian muralist painted the new piece for the Color The Way Of Love project which stood over 4 stories high and was in his signature black and white with minor colour accents aesthetic.

Versione 2

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DALeast – New Mural for Urban Xchange

The Urban Xchange festival is underway in Penang and loads of street artists have may their way out there to get busy on some walls. Most recently, DALeast got a chance to get some paint flowing and painted a giant phoenix on a wall near the Hin Bus Depot.

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Seth Globepainter – New Murals in China

Street artist Julien Malland, who is better known by his pen name Seth Globepainter recently spent some time travelling and painting around China before the new year. The French artist and world explorer got extremely busy by leaving his mark all around different areas of Shanghai.

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