Travis Lampe – Various Illustration

Travis Lampe grew up in a small town in Kansas. After earning a degree in Graphic Design, he took a job in advertising as an art director in Chicago. While making ads for breakfast cereals and well known purveyors of inexpensive furniture over a period of several years, he secretly began “developing his illustration style,” which is not the same thing as “procrastinating.” Finally, when he felt the world was ready, he began his slow explosion onto the art and illustration scene, as it were. He currently lives and works in Chicago.


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Ces – New Illustration Work

Legendary graffiti artist and previous BBB interviewee, CES, recently unveiled some amazing new illustrations on his Instagram. From incorporating famous logos and breakfast ingredients to our favourite sitcom characters like George Constanza, CES maintains being one of the most innovative writers in the game.


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OakOak – SideShow Bob

The hilarious and innovative street artist OakOak is back in action with a clever new piece appropriately titled “Sideshow Bob.” The new work just landed on the streets of his hometown, Saint-Etienne in France which uses the famous Simpson’s characters face and uses flowers close to the wall as his brightly coloured hair.

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