Rub Kandy – Truck Painting Installation

Street artist Mimmo Rubino, aka Rub Kandy, transformed a boring grey concrete mixing truck into a vibrant work of mobile art in 2011. The Italian painter spray-painted vivid bands of color around the drum of the mixer as it revolved on the back of the vehicle.

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Akermark – Color and Concrete in Stockholm Part II

Shot with Canon 5D mkII and Nikon D800 and made in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, Akermark‘s “Color and Concrete in Stockholm Part 2” shows a lot of hidden and abandoned places in the Stockholm area. Some might call it Urban Exploration. The images are all still images, only…3-dimensional.

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Pennacchio Argentato – Various Works

Pennacchio Argentato‘s work varies from the small to the large scale. All of which are amazing to look at. Though, we’re sure there’s probably a lot of underlying messages that may be attached to the works, we feel even disconnected to the manifestos they’re still tremendously enjoyable to watch and admire.

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