Mear One – Darth Tut

One of our favourite artists MEAR One recently just completed his first piece of 2017 aptly titled “Darth Tut”. The sculpture piece debuted last Saturday at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica. The bust was created out of copper & rhodium, dipped in 24k double gold plating finish and it’s his first sculptural work since 2010.


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Travis Durden – Classical Star Wars Sculptures

French artist Travis Durden draws much of his inspiration for both his work and personal life through film. His pen name itself is based on two cult classic films and is actually not his government birth name. But in regards to his artistic practice, the French sculptor draws upon some of the world’s greatest films for inspiration. In a series based on Star Wars, Durden created classical styled marble sculptures featuring our favourite characters from the Lucas Film masterpiece.

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Gabriel Dishaw – Star Wars Series

Gabriel Dishaw is a sculptor who uses old machinery and various other junk to create absolutely unbelievable works of art. Dishaw’s “Star Wars” series has got a bunch of Darth Vader busts and a C3PO one as well. Definitely really taking “junk art” to another level.

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