John Deardourff – Various Paintings

John David Deardourff is an artist residing in Washington, DC. In 2012 he received a BFA with an emphasis in printmaking from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. JD has exhibited his screen prints in Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and DC. In addition, he has designed graphics for Burton Snowboards and album art for RAMP Records.

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David Emmite’s – Whimsical Still Life Photography

Photographer David Emmite snaps pictures of incredible still life scenarios, however, these tend to be a different kind. The plate of spaghetti and meatballs is supplemented with yarn and knitting needles; a thick steak is cut directly from the flesh of a table, finely marbled by wood grain. Emmite’s work displays a whimsical and surreal nature to everyday objects and situations.

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David Jablow – 20th Century Doodles

Multimedia artist David Jablow has recently created a brilliant illustration project that utilizes an image from a 20th century doodle pad. Jablow spends copious amounts of hours manipulating the original image for surreal and chaotic original imagery. Tons of doodles after the click.

Original image:

Manipulated image:

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