Above – New Mural in Washington, D.C

Street artist Above recently made his way out to Washington where he painted a new piece for the DC Mural Festival. With the support from ArtWhino who curated the project, Above painted a massive S that interweaves with one of his signature arrows.


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Sacha Goldberger – Super Flemish

French artist Sacha Goldberger combines modern-day villains and heroes with 17th century portraiture techniques. the icons of american culture from superman to wolverine are set with the same aesthetic as typical flemish fine art paintings of powerful nobles. Hand picked models uncannily resemble the characters in their movie adaptation, dressed in intricately crafted costumes reimagined to suit 17th century requirements.

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Chris Stevens – Superhero Oil Paintings

American comic book artist Chris Stevens has recently created a stunning new collection of superhero-themed oil realism paintings. With all of our favourite superheroes such as Wolverine, The Hulk, and Captain America are featured in his collection, among many others.

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Jaime Calderón – Super Likes!

We all know how gratifying it is to get likes on our favourite social medias, mainly Facebook. So Jaime Calderón created a number of “like” icons that match our favourite Superheroes. Imagine posting a picture and getting a like from Batman. A true dream come true!

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Greg Guillemin – The Secret Life Of Heroes

Illustrator Gregoire Guillemin‘s Secret Life of Superheroes series exposes superhero’s daily lives. Gregoire features Marvel and DC characters doing daily events that range from Batman brushing his teeth to Catwoman enganging in some lewd activities with Ivy.

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The Legend of Cool Disco Dan

Cool Disco Dan is an old school Washington, D.C graffiti artist who achieved legendary status. This trailer is to promote the documentary on the artist which is narrated by Henry Rollins. The premier is on Saturday February 23 at the AFI Silver Theater located in Silver Spring Maryland.