Samy Lamouti – Metro de Montreal

Samy Lamouti is a digital artist and photographer from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This project by Lamouti was an obvious feature for BBB as we have extremely strong ties personally and professionally to Montreal. In this series of photographs entitled “Metro de Montreal”, Lamouti takes a look at the unique make up architecturally and aesthetically of the STM.

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Cédric De Smedt x Max Cooper feat BRAIDS – Pleasures

Artist Cédric De Smedt sent over a video collaboration work he did with Max Cooper feat BRAIDS entitled “Pleasures”. A very interesting and trippy illustrative video with a quite mellow and funky beat attached. Definitely worth a look.

170 Boulevard Haussmann

Amazing mural in France called ‘Espèce de Maçon’ (which means ‘God Damn Bricklayer’) and involved the “Turbo Design” (HOBZ and HONDA) and the “French Kiss” (LEK, DEM189, SOWAT, Alexne and TCHEKO). The wall was painted in one of the wealthiest parts of Paris, Haussmann Avenue.