Frédéric Bouin – Death

Frédéric Bouin is a multidisciplinary designer and maker concentrating primarily on handmade graphic images. His background is in illustration and graphic design but has slowly turned towards set building and prop making. In his artistic practice Frédéric blends those influences and blurs the lines between illustration and photography. Frédéric recently sent over a killer new project entitled “Death” that will have you mesmerized if it’s digital or reality. More images and information after the jump!

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Deathwish – From Dawn ‘Til Dusk

Damn, as we say a million times over, these Deathwish guys are our favourites because they’re just so damn gnarly and that’s what this 6 minute entitled “From Dawn ‘Til Dusk”.

Cao Hui – Gutsy Chairs

Cao Hui’s work can be related to a lot of darkness or death. Much of the work has a violent and gory aesthetic. But we think that it makes for very interesting takes on certain objects or materials. Just like these chairs that have almost human characteristics to it but they’re sliced open and on their last legs.

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Esther Stocker – Death By Geometry

It seems as if we post a lot of optical illusion installation here. But there seems to be something about work that completely immerses the audience with the environment that is just so beautiful and Esther Stocker‘s work really allows the viewer to become a part of the piece.

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