Deih XLF – Cosmic Balance

The Jidar Street Art Festival is well under way and one of the participating artists is Deih XLF. Known for his graphic aesthetic, the Spanish muralist painted another amazing piece entitled “Cosmic Balance” and can be found on Jacob Mansoir Street in Rabat, Morocco.


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Deih XLF – Zombie Series

Street artist Deih XLF recently completed some new work in his hometown of Valencia. One of the pieces with features a zombie version of one of his famous characters with the words “Viva Mola!” on top which roughly translates to “Living Rocks!” The piece also has “Zombie Series” scrawled next to it, which means we can only assume it’s one of many more to come.


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Deih XLF – Wall Poetry

Interdisciplinary artist Deih XLF recently headed to Iceland last week to begin a mural project entitled “Wall Poetry.” Set up by Berlin based curators Urban Nation in association with the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival, the muralist got a chance to create a beautiful piece on the streets of Reykjavic, which was inspired by an audio artist’s song, quote, or poem.

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