Diego Bergia – Bonus Level + Giant Intro

We posted up only a few days ago REVOK and CES battling the urban elements to get up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in Diego Bergia‘s mock video game which pays homage to Street Fighter. In Bergia’s latest installments of his video game, we have a couple new short clips. One is an introduction to GIANT and another being GIANT and REVOK bombing a clean train. 2 new videos after the click!

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Diego Bergia – Lower Eastside: CES x REVOK

Digital artist Diego Bergia (aka LEPOS), has yet again immortalized graffiti artists through another instalment of his mock video game. In this “level” we have graffiti artists CES and REVOK battling the urban and mechanical evils to get a throw up done.

Diego Gravinese – Hyperrealism

Diego Gravinese is one of those artists that’s just so damn good, that you can’t tell if his work is a picture or a painting.The picture below embodies his skill and is confusing us. It’s like, which aspect of the image is the painter and which one is the painting. Absolutely incredible.

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LEPOS Arcade: Toronto & More

Beyond this being some of the most hilarious and coolest shit ever. LEPOS Arcade, created by Diego Bergia has got Toronto as a setting in his video games with scenes like Spadina Station and Honest Ed’s. Apart from that, there’s also some awesome clips about taking back the streets through art in his games. Really damn fun stuff.

LEPOS Arcade clip #3: Subway Station & Intro from Diego Bergia on Vimeo.

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