Lebo Tladi – Various Illustrations

Lebo Tladi was born in South Africa in July 1994. Having lived in the tranquil and serene Limpopo province, Lebo has always loved nature and elements of it. Lebo has always been inspired by the human mind, the power of imagination, cultures, and nature. This is evident in his works as he always pedantically captures snippets of what inspires him and blends it together by portraying it in distorted ways which causes the meaning to shift and thus interpretation becomes multifaceted. With a meticulous conceptual approach, he creates intense personal moments which are masterfully created by means of rules and omissions, lines and patterns, which lure the viewer into a bizarre world portrayed on paper and canvas.


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Vincent Bal – Shadow Illustrations

Filmmaker Vincent Bal recently embarked on a new series of illustrations. The Belgian artist decided to start creating a doodle a day on a piece of paper which utilizes shadows from various objects which are placed next to the paper to give him the foundation of the piece. From burglars to polar bears, Bal whimsically recreates humorous scenes with merely a fine-liner and some trickery.


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David Jablow – 20th Century Doodles

Multimedia artist David Jablow has recently created a brilliant illustration project that utilizes an image from a 20th century doodle pad. Jablow spends copious amounts of hours manipulating the original image for surreal and chaotic original imagery. Tons of doodles after the click.

Original image:

Manipulated image:

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