Kevin Cyr – “Hommage” @ Matthew Namour Gallery [Recap]

As we posted up the promo flyer for the show a little while ago, our friends over at Matthew Namour Gallery are well under way on their show entitled “Hommage” by Kevin Cyr</a>. The show features beautiful painting and drawing work by Cyr which is rooted in the graffiti and street art landscape of Montreal. If you haven’t made it out there yet and you’re in Montreal, be sure to stop by before it closes on October 30th!


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Mi Ju – Various Paintings

Mi Ju is a fine artist currently who studied at the Pratt Institute in San Francisco and lived in Sydney, Australia until moving to New York City where she is currently based in Brooklyn. Mi Ju creates brilliant acrylic surreal works which are graphic and extremely visually imaginative.

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Mark Powell – Drawings on Recycled Material

UK based illustrator Mark Powell creates detailed and meticulous ink drawings on recycled materials. The London based artist uses discarded maps, post cards and envelopes as the base for photorealistic monochromatic portrait illustrations.


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Michael Page – Various Illustrations

Michael Page (b.1979) lives and works as a full time artist in San Francisco, CA. He has shown his work nationally and internationally throughout both Europe and the United States including the cities of Reykjavik, Berlin, Bristol , Rome and Montreal.


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Ces – New Illustration Work

Legendary graffiti artist and previous BBB interviewee, CES, recently unveiled some amazing new illustrations on his Instagram. From incorporating famous logos and breakfast ingredients to our favourite sitcom characters like George Constanza, CES maintains being one of the most innovative writers in the game.


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Janusz Grünspek – Drawings in Space

Fine artist Janusz Grünspek creates incredible sculptures of everyday objects using merely wood and expert craftsmanship. The Polish artist, strips the subject matter down to its bare bones in a series entailed “Drawings in Space” to resemble just a contour drawing.


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Mrzyk & Moriceau – Humorous Illustrations

Mrzyk & Moriceau are an illustration duo who live by the saying “A drawing a day keeps the doctor away.” M&M create hilariously clever illustrations that often poke fun at our social culture and its addictions such as our phones. All drawings are created in with simple contouring and black and white colour palette, which get the point across so effectively.


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