Renzo Razzetto – Dark & Erotic Illustrations [NSFW]

Renzo Razzetto is a self-taught freelance illustrator who creates pen-and-ink collages using the stippling technique. By using this method of inking, Razzetto’s illustrations comprise of hundreds of thousands of very fine dots which are used to create texture, shading and other optical illusions.


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Carter Asmann – Coffee Stain Motorcycles

Artist and photography Carter Asmann creates brilliant illustrations of drawings that are inspired 2 coffee stains. Asmann uses our favourite warm beverage as a foundation to create realistic pencil illustrations of vintage cafe racers.

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Recap: Egregore @ Yves Laroche Gallery

Last week launched the opening of the show entitled “Egregore” at the Yves Laroche Gallery in Montreal. The show featured a ton of a mazing artists such as Jeff Soto, Jim House, Kevin Cyr and much much more. We have a number of images from the opening to give you a little sense of how the show went down on opening night. Enjoy!


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McInnes Kids – Gavin McInnes Children’s Artwork

We’re sure you know who Gavin McInnes is and if you don’t, look him up. McInnes recently created a website dedicated to his children’s artwork, which we think is crazy awesome. Mothers and fathers of the world should take note.

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Heather Hansen – Gestural Drawings

Heather Hansen creates beautiful large-scale charcoal drawings that are less of a formal fine art practice and more of a performance art piece. Hansen uses her entire body and moves throughout the canvas in a graceful manner to create a symmetrical piece of work.

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