Sego Y Ovbal – Various Street Art Pieces

Various works from Mexican street artist Sego. The artist uses the dual names of Ovbal for his abstract style and Sego for his hyper-detailed organic style.

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Jane Kim’s – Desire to Protect the Earth, One Art Piece at a Time

Jane Kim is an artist and science illustrator. Kim has embarked on a yearlong journey to create work that hopes to inspire people to protect the Earth and all the endangered species that inhabit it.

TOURRAL Thomas – Cloud

TOURRAL Thomas‘ “Cloud” photography is great. There’s always something so captivating and mystical about the sky and the clouds. Don’t you find you could stare for hours? Well, these photographs have beautiful colour and texture but almost an “other-wordly” feel to them as well.

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André Kuipers – Space Photography

“Dutch astronaut André Kuipers, who is currently on a expedition on the International Space Station, shares his incredible photography from space. More than just landscape photography, Kuipers lends the rest of us still on our home planet his incredible perspective from 400 kilometers above Earth” –My Modern Met

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