Ella & Pitr – The Kick To The Moon

Our friends Ella & Pitr are back with a massive new mural in their hometown of St. Etienne. The French duo painting a gigantic piece entitled “The Kick To The Moon” which features a black and white illustrative soccer referee catching some Zs with the moon at his feet instead of a ball.


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Ella & Pitr – New Rooftop Mural in Puerto Rico

Street art duo Ella & Pitr were recently out in Puerto Rico where they continued their mural series “Sleeping Giants,” which features massive characters curled up on rooftops. Invited by Santurce Ley Festival the French artists painted a giant woman in red high heels and a baby with the help from the locals that can be seen from way up high in the sky.

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Ella & Pitr’s – “Baiser d’Encre” Art Book

Ella & Pitr is proud to present their new book “Baiser d’Encre” (“Ink kisses”). It is set to be released on the 12th of December 2015 and the book will be available online for international shipping on this site: Superbalais and also in Le Feuvre’s gallery in Paris.

“Baiser d’Encre” is a collection of extracts from Ella & Pitr’s sketchbooks. Exclusive and intimate, this new book is an open window to the artists’ life. Mostly composed of sketches, it is completely understandable for non-french speakers. Tons of preview images after the jump!


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Ella & Pitr – New Ground Murals in Canada

The French street art duo Ella & Pitr hailing from St-Etienne, France are currently in Canada where they’ve been on a tear painting their signature ground murals on the tops of buildings. The works are bigger than the eye can see and need an ariel view to fully understand the magnitude of the work.



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Ella & Pitr – Giant Mural in Lyon, France

Saint-Etienne based street art duo and previous BBB interviewees, Ella & Pitr are back at it again in Lyon. Using again their signature character style and going bigger than most people dream of, the duo crushes another astonishing piece in France.

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Ella & Pitr – 180ID

We posted up a promo for Ella & Pitr‘s art show at Galerie Le Feuvre in Paris a couple days ago and now we’ve stumbled across an amazing little documentary about the street art duo. Not only to the two work extremely well as painters and muralists, but they also are a couple and a family. Watch this amazing mini-documentary produced by Canal180 after the click.

Screen shot 2015-01-08 at 10.46.20 AM

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Ella & Pitr – “See You Soon Like The Moon” @ Galerie Le Feuvre

Street art duo ELLA & PITR present a new exhibition in Paris from day 15th of January to 14th of February at Galerie Le Feuvre.

The exhibition is related to their outdoor work that they’ve been working on for number of years. After creating fabulous anamorphic work, the couple introduces us to a new scale of art perception, spreading giant characters all around the cities of the world. They already released some in Montréal, Santiago in Chile, Portugal and of course in France.

The exhibition called “See you soon like the Moon” will be available at Galerie Le Feuvre‘s for one month until the 14th of February.