Birdo – New Murals in England

Our man Birdo, also known as Jerry Rugg, recently made his way out to England for UpFest and while he was there he got super busy on a number of new walls. Painting with the likes of Fanakapan and Louis Masai, the Toronto based artist definitely made his presence known in the UK.


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Banksy – Mural at Bridge Farm Primary School

Infamous street artist Banksy is back at it again and this time around is with his cutest piece to date. The British street interventionist painted a new piece featuring a childlike drawing located at at the Bridge Farm Primary school in Bristol, and even left a message to the kids which is extremely inviting.


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James Rawson – Boys in the Hood

Northfolk based artist James Rawson recently made a brilliant painting series entitled “Boys in the Hood.” The British artist perfectly recreated water pistols that emulated real firearms such as a revolver, uzi and a blue semi automatic.


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Dotmasters – New Murals in London

Street artist Dotmasters recently finished two new murals London. Given two walls by The Croydon Mural Project in the South London town, the British artist painted Ragdoll and Astroboy in continuation of his Toy Town series. The pieces are an obvious play on the well known graffiti term “Toy(s)” and are based on actual toys the artist owns.

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Spraying Bricks – Jarus x Dave Bonzai

The good people over at Spraying Bricks recently did a feature on our buddies and previous BBB publication featurees, Jarus and Dave Bonzai. In the latest instalment of their web series, SB follows around the Canadian and British artist while they complete a brilliant mural and also talk to them in depth about their creative practice. Also include is Alfeshco Dave, with music by Medison.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.28.49 AM

Lucy Williams – Architecture Landscape Collages

British artist Lucy Williams creates incredible collage work of 20th century architecture. The architectural landscapes are realized after hours of meticulously cutting and assembling various materials such as paper and cardboard, which makes the work appear photorealistic.


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House of Meggs x Global Street Art – Rise & Fall Mural in London, UK

Graffiti artist House of Meggs teamed up with Global Street Art for an amazing mural in London, UK. In signature style, Meggs crushes an outdoor wall with his expressive and painterly pop-art aesthetic.

Screen shot 2015-02-05 at 7.47.55 PM

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