Kristen Liu-Wong – Various Paintings

Kristen Liu-Wong is a Los Angeles-based artist from San Francisco who creates painting and illustration work. Liu-Wong studied Illustration at Pratt Institute and uses a brilliant vibrant colour palette with erotic and surreal subject matter.


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Renzo Razzetto – Dark & Erotic Illustrations [NSFW]

Renzo Razzetto is a self-taught freelance illustrator who creates pen-and-ink collages using the stippling technique. By using this method of inking, Razzetto’s illustrations comprise of hundreds of thousands of very fine dots which are used to create texture, shading and other optical illusions.


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Don Pablo Pedro – Grotesquely Yours

Don Pablo Pedro is a fine artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. His work is a mix of the bizarre and the beautiful. With an illustrative painting style, Pedro perfectly intertwines various painting aesthetics in his work to create a unique and beautiful style.

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