John Rankin – Eyescapes

Photographer and founder of Dazed and Confused magazine, John Rankin has created an incredible photographic series consisting of more than a dozen decontextualized irises entitled “Eyescapes”. The series truly captivates the viewer with the colour and texture of the human eye.

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JR – Clock Tower in Berlin

The main man, JR, has been busy as all hell (as per usual) and he’s currently in Berlin, Germany getting his craft done. In this project he creates a mural on a clock tower and uses its make up to his full advantage.

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The Harsh Truth Of The Camera Eye

Walter Yetman is a photographer who takes fantastic pictures of graffiti. We unknowingly received one of his pictures for our KIZER interview in our most recent issue. We apologize for having that mix up to Walter and we also appreciate his understanding. Really cool dude and sweet graff pics. Check him out for sure.

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