Emma Allen – Ruby

Emma Allen created an animated self-portrait exploring the idea of rebirth and illustrating the transfer of energy from one incarnation to another. Allen painted this stop frame animation on myself over a period of 5 days, using some face paints, a mirror and a camera.

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Ben Dehaan – Uncured

Ben Dehaan prints portraits using UV sensitive inks that cure (or dry) when exposed to UV light. Dehaan doesn’t dry his prints, instead he leaves them to allow the ink to run. On his website, he’s got a video time-lapse capturing the process. The portraits produced then become abstract, using this brave technique.

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Uberpong.com – Lets You Put Your Face on a Ping-Pong Paddle!

The Uberpong team, which we posted up a number of months ago, who let you customize ping-pong paddles from art and design to your own mug on a paddle have successfully completed their Kickstarter campaign and they’ve got a new press release to tell you all about what’s happening with the project now.

Uberpong custom ping pong paddle (logo)

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