Vr0n – Graffiti Embroidery

Vr0n is an embroidery artist based in Philadelphia who creates incredible embroidery work based on graffiti pieces that have been painted in the streets. Though we can find little information about the artist, her Instagram page has a solid amount of work paying tribute to the likes of Nekst, Pear and JA.


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Ben Venom – “Don’t Tread on Me” @ hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO

On October 30th, the San Francisco based punk rock quilter Ben Venom will unveil a new series of work in his debut exhibition “Don’t Tread on Me” in Japan at hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO. His new body of work features hand-crafted quilts from his signature rock t-shirts, as well as new pieces using recycled fabrics.

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Sally Hewett – Embroidery Hoop Body Parts

“My practice centres around ideas of beauty and ugliness and the conventions which determine our definition of each. I am interested in how we see things and how we interpret what we see: does my particular way of representing bodies, using fabrics, stitching and embroidery, affect how the content of the work is seen? To some extent I see my work as an investigation of the divide between craft and art.” –Sally Hewett

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