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Since 1986, Arte Sella has used the open fields and woods of the Sella Valley in Trento, Italy with surreal nature installations. Over 200 contemporary artists from all around the world have come to this area to create original artworks using materials found right on the terrain with which they’re left.

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Born in Shibuya, Tokyo in 1984. Meguru Yamaguchi currently works and lives in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up in culture hub of Tokyo, Shibuya, Japan, He was influenced by Japanese animations and manga such as “Dragon Ball,” “Akira” and Tokyo Street Culture. His artworks are rendered by numerous layers of different collages, sprays, acrylics and plastics. His unique “cut and paste” technique of color paints is reminiscent of Hip-Hop samplings from 70’s to the present day.

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Canadian painter James Wyper is well-known for his live painting performances in support of arts and cultural groups. “I see a painting as the record of a performance, and I like to share the performance with others. Painting for an audience encourages risk-taking which doesn’t necessarily occur when I’m alone in a studio”, he says.

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Kevin Champeny is an unbelievably talented artist with plenty of range. His sculptural works are not only beautiful pieces but brilliantly executed with plenty of symbolism. Many of his sculptures utilize smaller elements as pieces of a puzzle which directly correlate to the completed work. From using candy for his “I Love Sugar” to miniature army men to make up his “Flag” piece.

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