Nobu Tary – Lego Masterpieces

Japanese LEGO master Nobu Tary creates incredible sculpture work using only our favourite childhood toy and some imagination. From Homer Simpson to slices of pizza, Tary creates amazing pieces that’ll make your head spin.


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Steve Casino – Peanut Art

Sculpture artist Steve Casino creates unbelievable works of art using peanuts (yes, the actual nut), as his material. Casino removes the nuts from the shell, seals the shells with archival urethane and glued back together. Then constructs the product (taking up to 20 hrs.) and coated in clear acrylic when finished. And finally, product is sealed in a glass dome. This incredible process produces even more incredible results.


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Hannah Rothstein – Thanksgiving Special

In a series of photos entitled “Thanksgiving Special”, San Francisco-based artist Hannah Rothstein imagines Thanksgiving dinner platters as constructed by famous artists throughout history. Gravy, corn, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce, and even the plate itself is used as a medium for edible artworks in the style of iconic painters such as Jackson Pollock, Cindy Sherman, Georges Seurat, and Vincent van Gogh.

Piet Mondrian

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Kylie Mangles – Ralph Wiggum Cake

Canada-based cake designer Kylie Mangles (Freshly Squeez’d) captured the most uncanny details in this edible sculpture that looks almost like an illustration. Mangles decided to recreate an illustration by Erick Flores entitled “Cutout Ralph.” The image is half likeness and half dissected body of Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons.

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Benoit Jammes – Skitchen

Parisian artist and photographer Benoit Jammes has recently made a brilliant art series entitled “Skitchen.” Where our favourite fruits and veggies become gravity bending extreme skateboarders. Here’s his write up of the project:
“Kickflip and nosegrind between the pan and the olive oil.
The secret sporting life of our friends the fruits and vegetables.”

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