Mr. Poulet – New Graffiti Works

Mr. Poulet is a French artist who creates cute and whimsical graffiti work. Though, cute and graffiti rarely go together, Mr. Poulet is the exception. His work features his signature Poulet (or Chicken), interacting with his surroundings in often derelict and abandoned spaces. Check out some images and a video of some new work out in the streets.


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The Wa – Splat

A previous BBB featuree from our digital publication The Wa creates hilarious and clever street installations. The project titled “Splat” is a re-contextualisation of a police barricade, which turns into an unlikely cartoonish object.

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Gavin McInnes – Everything You Need To Know About Graffiti

The infamous Vice co-founder, writer and all around entrepreneur Gavin McInnes has recently release a video of everything you need to know about the art of graffiti writing. Watch the video after the jump!

Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 7.17.16 PM

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Hanksy – Hits Up L.A. and Chicago

Street artist Hanksy is back in action with more of his classic witty work in Los Angeles and Chicago. From Bi-curious George (Curious George/Clooney) to Brick Moranis (Red Brick/Rick Moranis) his signature style is sure to put a smile on your face. Information relayed thanks to Benjamin Krause Gallery.



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