Morten Andersen – New Abstract Painting Work

One of our favourite artist Morten Andersen has been hard at work in the studio pumping out some crazy new work. Here’s a selection of some incredible recent masterpieces by the Danish artist.


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Simon Stålenhag – Dystopian Future Illustrations

Simon Stålenhag is an acclaimed digital artist best known for his highly imaginative images and stories portraying illusive sci-fi phenomena in mundane, hyper-realistic Scandinavian landscapes. His work often deals with the inevitability of a dystopian future where advanced technology is not just an extension of the human race, but married to it.


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Part2ism – New Horizons & Future Love Songs

Part2ism has a new show coming up entitled “New Horizons & Future Love Songs” in London at the Red Gallery, 1-3 Rivington Street. Here’s what REMI/ROUGH had to say about the artist, “He is one of the most important artists of his generation and has influenced every single graffiti artist you see who paints photo realistically… And now his work has gone to the extremes of the avant-garde.”

25 Abandoned Yugoslavian Monuments

25 Abandoned Yugoslavian Monuments That Look Like They’re From The Future – “These structures were commissioned by former Yugoslavian president Josip Broz Tito in the 1960s and 70s to commemorate sites where WWII battles took place (like Tjentište, Kozara and Kadinjača), or where concentration camps stood (like Jasenovac and Niš). They were designed by different sculptors (Dušan Džamonja, Vojin Bakić, Miodrag Živković, Jordan and Iskra Grabul, to name a few) and architects (Bogdan Bogdanović, Gradimir Medaković…), conveying powerful visual impact to show the confidence and strength of the Socialist Republic.”

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