Video Game Characters in Everyday Landscapes

Neat idea of integrating 8-bit video game characters into our everyday landscapes.

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Hannah Adamszek – Ping-Pong Paddles

Artist Hannah Adamszek sent over a new series of work that involves her beautiful painting on the faces of ping-pong paddles. Definitely a very clever idea to integrate beautiful works of art onto practical object. Almost makes you not want to use them unfortunately.

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LEPOS Arcade: Toronto & More

Beyond this being some of the most hilarious and coolest shit ever. LEPOS Arcade, created by Diego Bergia has got Toronto as a setting in his video games with scenes like Spadina Station and Honest Ed’s. Apart from that, there’s also some awesome clips about taking back the streets through art in his games. Really damn fun stuff.

LEPOS Arcade clip #3: Subway Station & Intro from Diego Bergia on Vimeo.

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