Michelle Hinebrook – Various Abstractions

Abstraction in Michelle Hinebrook‘s work emerges through sensation, emotion, memory, and material experimentation. Her paintings are filled with layers of encoded information, intricate details, fragmented representations and explosive colors. Her impulse towards geometric complexity has become an obsession, and she has spent the past two years intensely studying faceting patterns and crystallography. Staring endlessly into the depths of diamonds and precious gemstones at a microscopic range, these visual experiences are communicated throughout this body of work.

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Arthur Lugauskas – EP Paintings

Our friend Arthur Lugauskas has been working hard. After posting up his Piop Art paintings and a mural installation, Arthur sent us over a new series of work entitled “EP Paintings.” Using his great monochromatic style (often times with a splash of vibrant colour), these abstract paintings are a great evolution of past works.

Screen shot 2015-03-21 at 5.29.09 AM

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