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The “Angles Mirror” created by artist Daniel Rozin, rejects the idea of building a picture based on relative lightness and darkness. Instead, it explores a system of linear rotation that indicates the direction of an object’s contour. A wall-mounted sculpture, the “Angles Mirror” is a sharp triangular block of steel, dotted with yellow indicator arms that pivot.

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“Marginal Compositions is a project in development centered on the investigation of a marginal space’s aesthetic qualities. The works are realized with various magazines. Every magazine’s page is folded in a way to erase the textual element of the previous page and to leave only the margin visible. The compositions are produced by repeating this action until the magazine’s surface is completely covered. Every work is a representative but not definitive image documenting this kind of space’s expressive potential.” – Gemis Luciani

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Mark A. Reynolds holds a Bachelor of Science (1967) and Master of Science (1970) in art and art education with a special focus in drawing and printmaking from Towson University. With over forty years of experience in the fine arts, thirty years in teaching art, twenty years teaching geometry and geometric systems, Reynolds holds quite the extensive Curriculum Vitae.

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Anoka Faruqee is an artist currently living and working in New Haven, CT. She meticulously paints large representations of three-dimensional of abstract color fields. The shapes faruqee uses derive from Islamic tile geometry which she describes as “…someone centuries ago spent a good amount of time playing with a ruler and a compass, I can lift from that tradition a kind of readymade handmade pixel.” Combining mathematics with manipulated shapes she evokes digital technology visuals and leads the viewer into the infinite.

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