Bordalo II – Weasel

One of our favourite street artists Bordalo II recently made his way out to Germany where he crushed a new mural for the Ms Artville Festival. Using his signature installation style, he created a brilliant new animal based mural entitled “Weasel” on the streets of Hamburg.


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1010 – Mural @ Knotenpunkt 14

German street artist 1010, created an enormous new piece for the Knotempunkt art festival a little while ago that takes up the entire side of a building in Hamburg. Using his signature illusion style, this artwork looks like it is made up of layers of brightly colored paper that are being torn away to reveal a dark interior of the building. Peep the making of video after the jump!

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NYCHOS – Video for Knotenpunkt 2014

We recently posted up the mural of Austria graffiti artist Nychos‘ at the Knotenpunkt festival this year. But now there’s a new video released of the man at work on this massive wall of a dissected spider. Seeing the the process on such a grand scale is pretty nuts, so it’s definitely a must see. Some extra photos and video after the click!

Screen shot 2014-09-30 at 9.32.52 PM

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Nychos – Knotenpunkt Festival Hamburg, Germany

One of our favourites and previously featured in BBB, NYCHOS recently got busy in Hamburg for the Knotenpunkt street art festival. In classic Nychos style he dissected and exposed the interior of a subject. This time around it’s a massive spider.

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