Hanksy – It’s A Punderful Life

The celebrity-obsessed fartist Hanksy has teamed up with Pharrell and his I Am Other creative team for “It’s a Punderful Life.” Check the video learn about his borderline obsession with Tom Hanks and lend light to an otherwise dark and mysterious, but punny career.



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Hanksy – Hits Up L.A. and Chicago

Street artist Hanksy is back in action with more of his classic witty work in Los Angeles and Chicago. From Bi-curious George (Curious George/Clooney) to Brick Moranis (Red Brick/Rick Moranis) his signature style is sure to put a smile on your face. Information relayed thanks to Benjamin Krause Gallery.



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AvenueA Soundcheck – An Art Exhibit @ The Aksel Loft

New York- JANUARY 25, 2013. Just announced! In addition to the live musical talent of Nima Yamini, Kid Mess, ILLE and Imanos on Saturday January 26, 2013, will be an Art Exhibit featuring Hanksy and Matthew Rowean from 10:00PM-12:00AM. Presented by AvenueA Soundcheck and taking place at the Aksel Loft in Tribeca New York, the evening will kick off with an Art Exhibit followed by the sounds of Trap in Tribeca.


HANKSY – In Collaboration with the NYC Comedy Festival

The New York Comedy Festival presents, in association with Vandalog.com, Little Italy, and Montana Cans, announced today the addition of “The Art of Comedy,” a series of events and art installations involving New York’s most talented street artists that will take place this November. “The Art of Comedy” brings together acclaimed artists Ron English, Hanksy, and Gilf! who will showcase their respective humorous works of art in an effort to bring smiles to the faces of millions of New Yorkers. – Benjamin Krause Gallery

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Hanksy in Chicago

Amusing street-artist Hanksy is at it again, with some pretty hilarious little street-arts in Chicago. He teamed up with Chicago artist collective FeelTrip to cover a couple of their bands’ vans. He created Vanny Devito and Van Akroyd. He also did a quick nod to the mayor, with a towering Three Stooges piece entilted “Rahm-Come” all featuring Rahm Emmanuel’s mug. Photographs courtesy Patrick Fahrner.

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