Leon Dafonte Fernandez – High Speed Photography

Leon Dafonte Fernandez‘s high-resolution photography consists of images of liquids, captured with high-speed flash. All of these images were done by laser trigger and/or microcontroller with precise timing. Fernandez uses photoshop only to adjust contrast and exposure.

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Colossal Media x Sky High Murals – The Big Brush Project [Greg Lamarche]

Colossal Media and Sky High Murals have teamed up with fine/graffiti artist Greg Lamarche for their first installment of The Big Brush Project. The mural features falling letters in Lamarche’s signature collage aesthetic and was painted in a way that matches his process. The video depicts how Lamarche paints his murals letter by letter, instead of by section.

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David Byrne – Tight Spot

Legendary musician and artist David Byrne has created an installation called ‘Tight Spot’ that he blew up all by himself. It is a giant inflatable globe that barely fits under the High Line at 10th Avenue and 25th Street.

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Wilson Hennessy – China Bang! x Triangles

Wilson Hennessy is a photographer who’s got a lot of insanely great work. These two new series he sent over are “China Bang!” Which are figurines that were exploded and captured using high speed photography. The second, “Triangles” is a play with light and shadows in organising a few items of stationary neatly. which is inspired by the sentimental erasers and pencils which i have used since childhood and still use now.



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