Kat O’Sullivan – Psychedelic Rainbow House

Kat O’ Sullivan recently decided to purchase a home in upstate New York that had been built in 1840 and decided to create her own personal psychedelic outdoor art installation. Sullivan spent countless hours painting and renovating until the home looked like a psychedelic rainbow complete with oddly shaped windows, eyes and a big mouth.

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Gilbert1 – To Build A Home Part 1

To Build A Home is a solo project presented by Gilbert1 and run in an abandonned place, a house on the edge of the forest, which was a meeting room and a room for parties of a sanatorium, designed by modernist architect André Lurçat in the 60’s. The project is focused on the building of a home, metaphor of the place full of our own story, in which we can recharge, but in which we can not remain forever, since man is not immortal, he is forced to abandon his own creation that will survive him. Only time and nature retain control Original music ‘To buid a home’ by The Cinematic Orchestra Additional pictures by Sylvain Raybaud.

Screen shot 2013-07-16 at 2.16.04 PM


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Erwin Wurm – Fat House

Austrian born artist, Erwin Wurm, currently lives and works in Vienna and Limburg and is notorious for his sculpture works, especially his “One Minute Sculptures”. Wurm also creates material-based (fat) sculptures that take everyday objects and make them obese. This piece, Fat House, is an overfed home that’s exploding at the foundation.

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Max Kauffman – Home Again, Home Again

“My work evokes a post apocalyptic DIY culture where structures and life itself are cobbled together out of anything at hand. It’s making the most out of what you have and what’s around you. Showing that our struggles, fears, victories and dreams haven’t changed much since the dawn of humanity.” – Max Kauffman

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