170 Boulevard Haussmann

Amazing mural in France called ‘Espèce de Maçon’ (which means ‘God Damn Bricklayer’) and involved the “Turbo Design” (HOBZ and HONDA) and the “French Kiss” (LEK, DEM189, SOWAT, Alexne and TCHEKO). The wall was painted in one of the wealthiest parts of Paris, Haussmann Avenue.


Motorcycle Monday – 1973 Honda CB 550

Beautiful modified bike by Benjie’s Cafe Racers. Some info about it is, Project name: “Pinas 550”. The bike originated as: 1973 Honda CB 550. The Engine: In-line 4 550cc and modifications were: Clip-on bars, rear sets, custom hand fabricated gas tank with matching seats, battery relocation, 4 into 2 pea shooter exhausts, break scoop, battery relocation, etc.

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