Roid MSK – Truck Mural in Hong Kong

Graffiti artist Roid of the MSK crew recently was out in Hong Kong where he got busy on a cube truck. The British artist used his spray cans like a stippling brush, where he painted tiny little dots on the piece to ad shade and dimension. Roid has long been known for innovative techniques and this is no different.


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Quest Terrarium – Miniature Nike Sneakers

Quest Terrarium is a Moss & Miniature Artist, Designer and Gardener specializing in Moss Decor Installation. Featuring tons of amazing installations, the Hong Kong based artist focuses much of his work around miniature Nike sneakers implemented on top of naturalistic and real life landscapes.


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Okuda – New Mural in Hong Kong

As we recently posted up incredible mural done on an abandoned church in Morocco, Okuda recently made his way out to Hong Kong to go even bigger. In town for the HKWalls Street Art Festival, the Spanish muralist made his way almost a dozen stories high to complete an amazing new colourful mural, which took about 4 days.


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Cleon Peterson – New Mural in Hong Kong

The one and only Cleon Peterson is currently in Hong Kong for a solo exhibition at Over The Influence. While out there, he also got a chance to paint the streets and completed a brilliant smaller black and white mural featuring a couple of his infamous graphic characters.

[Photo Juxtapoz]

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Fin DAC – Senaka

Irish muralist Fin DAC recently stopped by the peninsula of Hong-Kong where he was invited to work on this new piece somewhere near The Dragons Back. The street artist grinded away on a rooftop with some a piece of a beautiful woman that is entitled “Senaka”.

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