Hanksy – It’s A Punderful Life

The celebrity-obsessed fartist Hanksy has teamed up with Pharrell and his I Am Other creative team for “It’s a Punderful Life.” Check the video learn about his borderline obsession with Tom Hanks and lend light to an otherwise dark and mysterious, but punny career.



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Writing Wednesday – Warren Haas “I Woke Up In Burnaby”

For this week’s edition of Writing Wednesday we’ve got a newcomer and dear old friend, Warren Haas, who sent us over a treat to read. Normally a photographer for us here at BBB, Mr. Haas comes through with a short story entitled “I Woke Up In Burnaby”. He obviously gets the photo credit as well.



I woke up in Burnaby

I saw a ceiling. I forgot where I was. I looked around and remembered I was at the university. But I forgot why. I looked at my watch, it was 8:30. For some reason I hopped right up and made a B-line for the bus stop. Without really noticing. I was still drunk.

I caught the bus as soon as I got there, and I almost fell over as I walked on. I laughed to the bus driver. I rode the bus to the loop and then headed to McDonald’s. Then I went back to the bus stop to wait for my bus. The bus was there and the driver was sitting inside. But it was 10 minutes before the bus was scheduled to leave so the driver decided she wasn’t going to let us on.

This irked me and an old man who was also waiting for the bus. We started talking about the weather. To be honest I couldn’t understand half of what he said because I was still drunk and I think he was too.

We started talking about how nice it was that they let us wait outside when it’s raining. And then we traded sarcasm about the seriousness of letting passengers on the bus too early. The old man started to get very impatient. He was staring intently at the driver, who was busy consuming her own McDonald’s.

Finally she opened the doors, but the old man held me back from getting on and said to the driver, “Wow. Wait. Are you sure we can get on? Is it really ok?”

He then boarded the bus behind me and we took separate seats. But then he turned to me one last time and said,

“Cunts. Some have them. Some are them.”

“You and I” – Zeds Dead/Omar Linx

One of our oldest and closest friends Omar Linx just finished a long tour throughout North America with the bass-thumping dub-step duo Zed’s Dead. They also just released a very well shot and killer entitled “You and I” to boot. Shot, produced and directed by Cinesthetics. Amazing people, song and video.

It Drew Itself X No Walls Gallery X I-LIB

The people over at It Drew Itself sent over a very well shot and eerie video profile of I-LIB (I Lurk In Bushes) entitled “Lick Your Own Wounds” for promotion of his solo exhibition going on at No Walls Gallery in Brighton. A lot of damn fantastic names at that gallery.