Nick Smith – Pantone Swatch Paintings

Nick Smith is a fine artist who creates unbelievable painting work using only Pantone colour swatches. Smith recreates famous paintings from the Mona Lisa to Warhol’s Soup Cans, that when seen at a distance the images perfectly resemble the like of their influence.


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Chronicle Books – Artists and their Cats

Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo, so many great artists have one very furry thing in common: cats. Gathered here for the first time by editor Alison Nastasi are behind-the-scenes stories of more than 50 famous artists and their feline friends. From Salvador Dali’s pet ocelot Babou to John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s menagerie of cats, Artists and Their Cats from Chronicle Books (edited by Alison Natasi) captures these endearing friendships in charming photographs and engaging text.

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Nick Smith – Pantone Swatch Recreations

Artist Nick Smith playfully arranges various Pantone swatches to re-create the most iconic paintings ever created such as “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, the “Mona Lisa”, and “The Scream”, to name a few. Using a carefully planned out batch of colors, the pictures are still extremely recognizable and resemble a fair amount like 8-bit art.

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Harley Langberg – Banksy’s Work Recreated

American artist Harley Langberg has created a series of food art inspired by infamous British street artist Banksy. Langberg uses slices of fresh vegetables and fruits to recreate Banksy’s popular street art murals on plates.

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Bradley Hart – Injections

Artist Bradly Hart creates pixelated photorealistic paintings by injecting different colours of paint into each pocket in a roll of bubble wrap. This painstaking method of working creates some of the most beautiful images we’ve ever seen.

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Nail Art History

Nail Art History is a tumblr dedicated to art history and the current trend of nail art by Susi Kenna. The nails are all her own and Kenna incredibly paints her nails to resemble painting from iconic artists such as Stella, McGee and Basquiat, to name a few.

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