Beau Adams – “Opus Die” @ Athen B Gallery

Athen B.Gallery is proud to announce,“Opus Die”,a solo exhibition by SanFrancisco artist, Beau Adams. Adams creates richly textured oil paintings on canvas and finely detailed watercolor works on paper with gold leaf applique. In a style inspired by classical pietas and Byzantine era icon paintings, the works introduce modern symbolism and ideologies. Beau creates images of holy men with patterned vestments and Russian gang tattoos, vivid and energetic oil paintings borrowing from classical composition that highlight a violence intertwined with religion throughout history. “OpusDie” is a play on the name of a religious sect Opus Dei, meaning “Work of God.” The exhibition opens on February 13th in Downtown Oakland with us at Athen B. Gallery.


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Travis Durden – Classical Star Wars Sculptures

French artist Travis Durden draws much of his inspiration for both his work and personal life through film. His pen name itself is based on two cult classic films and is actually not his government birth name. But in regards to his artistic practice, the French sculptor draws upon some of the world’s greatest films for inspiration. In a series based on Star Wars, Durden created classical styled marble sculptures featuring our favourite characters from the Lucas Film masterpiece.

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Beau Stanton – Various Paintings

A multi-disciplinary artist, Beau Stanton’s work takes the form of paintings, murals, large scale installations, stained glass, and multimedia animations. Focusing on meticulous technique and craft, Stanton’s work is heavily informed by historic ornamentation, religious iconography, and classical painting. A keen interest in iconic visual symbols and Jungian archetypes often provides the foundation for his images.


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Casper Braat – McJezus

Multidisciplinary artist Casper Braat has recently takes a stab at the world’s largest fast food chain, McDonald’s, by going further than just to create work about it – he makes it a religion (“McJezus“).

Braat mass crafted paraphernalia incorporating McDonald’s goods such as spoons and fry holders to be purchased at a highly marked up cost as it could now be considered “iconography.”

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Shepard Fairey – New Mural in Detroit

The infamous Shepard Fairey is out in Detroit right now getting busy on his largest mural to date and possibly the largest painting in the city of Detroit. Measuring a whopping 60 x 184 feet the piece sits on the back of the Bedrock building in Detroit’s Campus Martius.

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Matt Cohen – Various Work

We stumbled across Matt Cohen‘s work through the wonders of the Internet. Unfortunately, we don’t know too much about him, though we will assume he’s Canadian due to the content of some of his work. Cohen paints, sculpts and draws a lot of iconic imagery.

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