Chad Hasegawa – Iconic Portraits

Chad Hasegawa is a multidisciplinary artist who creates fantastic figure and portraiture work both indoors and outdoors. Some of his recent work which we love are portraits of iconic artist figures from graffiti legend Saber to NYC art legend Keith Haring.


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Nick Smith – Pantone Swatch Paintings

Nick Smith is a fine artist who creates unbelievable painting work using only Pantone colour swatches. Smith recreates famous paintings from the Mona Lisa to Warhol’s Soup Cans, that when seen at a distance the images perfectly resemble the like of their influence.


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Lady Be – Recycled Pop Art Portraits

Lady Be creates contemporary mosaics, icons and famous portraits entirely composed of objects that have lost their original function, simply becoming “colors”. Each work has the power to awake memories connected to each object, when you see it closely, and to be perfectly recognizable from far. Moving away from the painting, in fact, the initial confusion caused by the view of an apparently meaningless assemblage becomes astonishment. The subject takes a form and you feel proud of recognizing the face as a whole. The work has a photographic look, its depth emerges clearly with lights and shadows, as well as the memories connected to the subject.


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Ashish Patel – Miniature Pencil Portraits

Fine artist Ashish Patel creates incredible portrait and figure illustrations using an extremely fine tipped pencil. From Charlie Chaplin to Lana del Ray, Patel each piece is only mere centimetres large but resemble the subject matter perfectly.

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Edward Cabral – Pumpkin Carvings

In celebration of Hallows Eve approaching extremely quickly, we thought it would be a shame not to post these brilliant pumpkin carving by Sculpture artist Edward Cabral. From The Beatles to Blade Runner, Cabral seamlessly crafts the front of pumpkins to look like anything he desires.


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Otto Duecker – Photorealistic Icons

Otto Duecker has been exploring the realm of new realism for over thirty years. He taught for over a decade while developing his unique approach to painting the human figure in precise detail.

In a series of works presented by Plus One Gallery, Duecker takes a stab at painting portraits of iconic modern figures like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Winston Churchill, and creates them in a fashion where they look as if they are old photographs hanging from a wall.

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